Yu-Gi-Oh Yami Yugi Pop Vinyl! 387

Yu-Gi-Oh Yami Yugi Pop Vinyl! 387

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*Yu-Gi-Oh Yami Yugi Pop No 387

By Funko

Launching in 1996, Yu-Gi-Oh began as a a Japanese manga series that went on to spawn a range of tv shows, video games, card games and more.

This Pop features Yami Yugi, the spirit who lives within Yugi. After Yugi Muto solved the Millennium Puzzle, Yami Yugi resided in Yugi's body and would take possession of it when Yugi or his friends were in danger. After Yugi became fully aware of Yami's existence, Yugi could voluntarily give control of his body to the Pharaoh; occasionally before one would give control to the other, they would, as souls in the mind of the one controlling Yugi's body, converse with each other, usually about their options of what to do when in difficult situations.

Made of plastic/vinyl

3.75" Tall
B2 (2)