Worlds Smallest Barbie Dream House
Worlds Smallest Barbie Dream House

Worlds Smallest Barbie Dream House

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*Worlds Smallest Barbie Dream House


It doesn't get more iconic than Barbie hanging out in the Dreamhouse. The playset that every girl wanted across generations is now cuter than ever in its smallest size! The World's Smallest Barbie Dreamhouse is just as you remember it, comes with the classic retro reusable room décor stickers for you to stick on where you choose, and includes one of three miniature classic Barbies! Maximise the fun when you minimise the size with World's Smallest!

Bringing a new spin to your favourite childhood toys, the World's Smallest range has countless classics to collect and enjoy. Every one is guaranteed to be the official smallest version in the world and all of them are fully playable !

There's so much fun and nostalgia to experience with the cutest little toys around. Get them for your desk, your car, or make them a gift for kids so the new generation can experience the timeless classic toys we all loved!


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