Simpsons - Bart Fly Pop Vinyl! 820

Simpsons - Bart Fly Pop Vinyl! 820

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Bart Fly Pop No 820

May have window scuff marks

By Funko

It's the annual tradition every Simpsons fan can't wait for, where our favourite four-fingered family step outside the normal parameters of reality and terrify us with three bone-chilling (yet hilarious) horror stories to celebrate Halloween. It's of course the Treehouse Of Horror specials!

Well Funko's cromulent new wave of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Pop Vinyl figures are here and they are sure to embiggen your lives. We've got Bart as The Fly from Treehouse Of Horror VIII, who can't wait to start tormenting the spiders in your house, Maggie as an Alien (watch out Jerry Springer), Lisa as The Devil, Marge after she was transformed into a cat, and finally, the 8th Wonder of the World himself, King Kong Homer.

Made of plastic/vinyl

3.75" Tall