Stranger Things ~ Eleven Pop Vinyl! 827

Stranger Things ~ Eleven Pop Vinyl! 827

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*Stranger Things ~ Eleven Pop Vinyl! 827

Eleven is one of the main characters (if not THE character?) of the series Stranger Things.

This is from the scene (season 3) where Max and Eleven are looking for Billy that this new POP figure of Eleven is taken. It's raining cats and dogs and the two girls go to the home of Heather's parents, the lifeguard Billy works with at the local pool. There, all seems normal although Eleven perceives something abnormal...

On the POP, Eleven wears a red raincoat to protect themselves from the rain. In spite of this, her hair is completely flat on her head and the girl is soaked. She also wears light blue pants with white stripes, a navy blue t-shirt and her white sneakers, very fashionable in the 80s.

Funko has chosen to represent Eleven in a simple attitude on this POP: she has her arms stretched out along her body, an attitude reminiscent of the scenes where she concentrates to use her powers in the series.