Seinfeld - Kramer in Underwear Pop! Vinyl! 1090

Seinfeld - Kramer in Underwear Pop! Vinyl! 1090

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*Seinfeld - Kramer in Underwear Pop! Vinyl Figure 1090

"What’s the deal with Funko?"

This is the question Seinfeld fans have been asking themselves for years, however now their prayers have finally been answered with Funko’s sponge worthy new range of Seinfeld Pop! Vinyl Figures, featuring many of your favourites from the iconic series.

Originally running from 1989-1998, Seinfeld would go on to become the #1 rated show on television, defining a generation of comedy and changing the landscape of sitcoms forever. Whether it’s “yada, yada, yada”, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” or “no soup for you!”, Seinfeld provided us with so many quotes that became part of our everyday vocabulary, and now we can relive all of those show’s classic moments with this hilarious new wave of Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Here we have everyone's favourite underwear model, Kramer, looking to strike a pose in your living room.



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