Pop Tarts Card Game
Pop Tarts Card Game
Pop Tarts Card Game

Pop Tarts Card Game

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Pop Tarts Card Game

Funko’s new Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Game is hours of fast-paced, flavour filled fun for the whole family.

A parade of Pop Tarts lines up between the freezer and the toaster and it’s up to you to snag the ones you want. You’ll use cards to rearrange the line so that you can prepare the Pop Tarts the way that YOU want frozen or toasted, and get them on your plate. Chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter are just some of the tasty flavours up for grabs.

Some people like their Pop Tarts frozen. Others like theirs toasted. In this game, how you eat your Pop Tarts determines how many points you get. Play action cards, create delicious combos, and move cards to get your favourite Pop Tarts into prime chomping position. The first player to “eat” the most points, wins.

Easy to learn and plenty of twists, Kellogg’s Pop Tart Game is the ultimate game for the real sweet tooth.


1 x Arrow Card
1 x Toaster Card
1 x Freezer Card
1 x First Player Card
6 x Reference Cards
60 x Pop-Tarts Cards
45 x Action Cards
6 x Plate Cards
15 x Bonus Cards
1 x Instruction Booklet

Ages 13+

2-6 players.