Pokemon Squirtle Pop Vinyl! 504

Pokemon Squirtle Pop Vinyl! 504

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*POKEMON Squirtle Pop No 504

By Funko

Squirtle. This Tiny Turtle Pokémon draws its long neck into its shell to launch incredible water attacks with amazing range and accuracy. The blasts can be quite powerful. It takes time for the shell to form and harden after hatching. Squirtle's shell is not merely used for protection. The shell's rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in the water, enabling this Pokémon to swim at high speeds.

When Professor Oak first asked the question, 'Which pokemon will you choose?' many trainers opted for the water-type, Squirtle. With a shell offering superior defence and a super-strong water-projectile attack style, Squirtle is strong and only gets stronger as it evolves, making it ideal for new trainers and pokemon masters alike. As an added bonus, Squirtle is super adorable. Add Squirtle to your party today.

Made of plastic/vinyl

3.75" Tall

W2 (2)