Pokemon - Squirtle 10" US Exclusive Pop Vinyl! 505

Pokemon - Squirtle 10" US Exclusive Pop Vinyl! 505

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Squirtle 10" US Exclusive Pop No 505

By Funko

Guess what we’re going to be doing for the foreseeable future? You guessed it, catching ‘em all! It’s been a long time coming but our favourite Pokemon characters are finally being given the Funko Pop Vinyl treatment.

Every Aussie ‘90s kid will remember waking up early before school to watch Pokemon on Cheez TV, then we’d go to school and talk about the shenanigans Ash, Pikachu, Team Rocket and co had gotten up to, all while we traded our Pokemon cards like currency. If you owned a Holographic Charizard, you basically ran the playground. Now we can all relive those days, except this time we’ll be trading Pop Vinyls instead of cards.

Here we have Squirtle, who along with Bulbasaur and Charmander, was one of the first Pokemon available in the original Pokemon Red, Blue and Green games that we all spent a good majority of our childhood addicted to. He's the newest addition to Funko's SUPER SIZED 10" Pokemon Pop line.

Made of plastic/vinyl

10" Tall