Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg

Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg

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*The Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg lets your child be a cute little sloth's parent

Teach your child how to care for an adorable pet with the Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg! This Jumbo Egg needs some nurturing before it hatches into a baby sloth. Just place the egg in water for about 2-3 days and watch as the sloth comes out from its shell and start growing!


  • Each Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg comes with:
    • 1 Jumbo Egg
    • 1 Sloth Figure
  • Place the jumbo egg in water for 48-72 hours then wait for the sloth to hatch from its shell.
  • Perfect for pretend-play and displays.
  • Suitable for ages 5 years and up.

Encourage your child to learn how to care for a pet by practising with the Hatching Sloth Jumbo Egg.