Hasbro Popple Pop Vinyl! 02

Hasbro Popple Pop Vinyl! 02

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*Hasbro Popple Pop No 02

By Funko

Remember Popples. They were those adorable little brightly-coloured teddy bears  with long tails ending in a pom-pom. Why a pom-pom? Well that's because each Popple character transformed to resemble a brightly-coloured ball. Yes if anything screamed 1980s toyline, it was the Popple. 

Now fans can relive their youth with Funko's new Popple Pop Vinyl Figure.

Featuring a bright pink Popple looking like it wants to give you a giant cuddle, this Pop Vinyl is a must for any child of the 80s.

Made of plastic/vinyl

3.75" Tall


BOX 84  (4)F/H