Harry Potter - Nano Metalfigs 20-Pack

Harry Potter - Nano Metalfigs 20-Pack

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*Harry Potter - Nano Metalfigs 20-Pack

By Jada

Bring the action home with your favourite heroes and villains from the world of Harry Potter as Nano MetalFigs. Featuring authentic character likeness and posing, these die-cast figures are sure to be a standout in any collection! Each posed Nano MetalFigs figure is made of 100% die-cast metal and stands approximately 1.65" tall. They might be small, but each Nano MetalFig is finely sculpted and has been finished with premium metallic paint to achieve a high-quality appearance and durability.

The Harry Potter Nano Metalfigs Wave 2 20-Pack includes:

Harry Potter (Year 7)
Albus Dumbledore (Year 1)
Lord Voldemort
Argus Filch
Nearly Headless Nick
Albus Dumbledore (Year 3)
Draco Malfoy
Alastor Moody
Professor Snape
Harry Potter (Year 1)
Harry Potter (Yule Ball)
Ron weasley (Yule Ball)
Hermione Granger (Yule Ball)
Doleres Umbridge
Remus Lupin
Sirius Black
Bellatrix Lestrange
Luna Lovegood (Year 5)
Nymphadora Tonks

Suited 3+