Digimon - Patamon Pop Vinyl! 1387

Digimon - Patamon Pop Vinyl! 1387

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*Digimon - Patamon Pop! Vinyl Figure

Di! Di! Digimon! Protect your collection from the evil forces of the Digital World with Funko's new Digimon Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Launching in 1997, the Digimon franchise is based on digital pets known as Digimon, short for Digital Monsters. The series features a group of children who are transported to another world called the "Digital World", where each of them is partnered with a Digimon and become the "DigiDestined", tasked to save the Digital World from evil.

Patamon is a small winged mammal like Digimon who is the partner of T.K. Takaishi. Patamon and T.K. are both seen as the cry babies of the group, and share a fun loving attitude during their adventures. However, when Patamon digivolves in Angemon, he takes on much more of a guardian relationship with T.K., protecting him no matter the cost.


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