Child's Play 3 - Chucky Battle Damaged Pop Vinyl

Child's Play 3 - Chucky Battle Damaged Pop Vinyl

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*Child's Play 3 - Chucky Battle Damaged Pop! Vinyl Figure

You’d think they would’ve learned from the first two times, but no those crazy cats at the Play Pals Company continue to give the possessed doll Chucky another opportunity to run wild on a murder spree in the 1991 film, Child’s Play 3.

Set eights years after Child’s Play 2, the Play Pals company has recovered from the bad publicity brought about by Chucky's murder spree and resumes manufacturing of the Good Guys dolls. The company restores the abandoned factory (where Chucky's mutilated body still remains) and starts releasing a new line of Good Guys dolls. However, the workers accidentally mix Chucky's blood into a vat of plastic, and well, you know where this is going.! 798